Skip the Gym and Get Strong Anyway: Unconventional Approaches to Developing Strength and Power With Bodyweight Training

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Skip the Gym and Get Strong Anyway

Unconventional Approaches to Developing Strength and Power with Bodyweight Training

Tired of having to make your life revolve around going to a crowded gym?

Curious about the bodyweight training phenomenon sweeping the world? If so, this book will open your eyes to the power and brilliance of strength training without weights or a gym membership.

This book walks beginning and intermediate trainers through the techniques, principles and practice of calisthenics, It Unlocks the Effectiveness of Your Bodyweight Exercise Program

It answers some of the questions such as  “Should I being doing 100 rep sets of squats and Push ups?” The answer might surprise you.

Following on from questions such as these, you will learn how to use the techniques in this book to extract every bit of juice out of your bodyweight exercises. Your calisthenics routines will be much more effective and you’ll gain way more strength if you focus on the core principles in this book.

Bodyweight Training is a fun, liberating and challenging approach to fitness. There are some non-trivial challenges to overcome, such as:

  • How can you progress your training without external weight?
  • What exercises should I be using and in what order?
  • How many reps should I do?

You will learn the answers to these questions as well as all the techniques and principles you need to take control of your training, body and health.

For Those New to Calisthenics Exercise

  • Learn where to start your journey and the exact steps you need to take to progress
  • Discover how to properly perform planks for strength gains
  • Learn how to perform exercises correctly and to maximize strength development
  • How to make exercise a part of your daily routine without sucking up too much time and energy
  • This book will convince you once and for all that weight training is not the only way to strength and power

For Experienced Calisthenics Trainers

More experienced bodyweight exercise trainers typically know their exercises and progressions but can run into roadblocks along the way.

This book will show you some alternative ways to tackle difficult bodyweight exercises and how to effectively transition between exercises.  Of particular interest to experienced trainers

  • How to optimize your program to bust through plateaus
  • Fresh approaches to exercise progression
  • Learn how to change gears in your bodyweight workouts so as to maximize your strength development
  • Some new twists on old exercises that can refresh for your workouts
  • 21st Century Approach to Bodyweight Conditioning

Taking some of the most recent research into account, you’ll learn some fresh approaches to physical conditioning that will help you in your sport, lose fat and become more athletic.

Specifically, the book addresses the High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) craze and how alternative approaches can lead to better fitness results and lower undue stress.
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