Baby Stroller Drink Holder by Life Mounts

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Life Mounts Universal Drink Holder

Life Mounts baby stroller and baby jogging stroller drinks holders are built on flexibility as well as capability. Our baby Stroller Drink Holder is the gold criterion when you are looking for a mounting option that fits almost everywhere, adapts to numerous sized beverages as well as helps enhance your wellness as well as convenience.

Features an adaptable bottle, can, cup as well as travel-mug owner that can broaden as much as 180º to secure around essentially any type of bottle, or Can you place in it.

Our universal flex place as well as secure accessory bands enable your beverage owner to place to tube, post, as well as square surface areas as much as 2″ in size.

The beverage owner swivels 360º to ensure that you can place it flawlessly as well as the rubber shock absorbing material suggests you’ll never ever need to bother with spilling, also on bumpy surface areas.

• Dimensions: 6″h x 4″l x 3″w as well as 1.9 oz (w/o beverage)
• Fits Beverages Up To 3.5″ in Diameter!
• Mounts to Nearly Everything

So bring your beverage with you in the Life Mounts Universal Baby Stroller Drink Holder!
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