Dog Silencer™ Training Pack by Goodlife

The Goodlife dog Silencer Training Pack or Bundle is a different package . In this we have both the Silencer to stop dogs barking at a distance and it also provides the On Guard which can be used at a distance both on your dogs and other over friendly dogs out in public.

Once again we must understand that the On Guard can be used when dogs approach in a non friendly manner or are barking at your dog and you wish to tstop them and yours at the same time.

Remembering that the aim is train your dog into stopping barking , and with a bit of luck other neighbours dogs that bark as well. All in all it is about stopping barking dogs,

Lets Look at the first of the packages that they have provided for you

Training Pack by Goodlife

Cost for the Item varies

In Australia the items is $ 163.54 AUD for the pack


In the USA  it is  $114.90 USD for the pack


As stated above the pack includes the Silencer and the ON GUARD hand held device.

We have tended to use the On Guard when we are out and about walking the dog, dropping by the local shops or even in the car. It has proven to be effective over 10mtrs and especially on other peoples dogs without them knowing what is happening.  Caution when using with oder or young dogs puppies etc.

from Bark Collars & Stopping the Barking


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