Special Goodlife Bundle The Dog Silencer Multi Pack

A further Special Goodlife Bundle The Dog Silencer Multi Pack  Also Savings For Summer!

This is used when your just starting out and need to be able to stop that dog barking or dogs barking both inside the home and outside in the property area. Once again you’ll love what our bark control experts have put together with you in mind.

Remembering that the aim is train your dog into stopping barking , and with a bit of luck other neighbours dogs that bark as well. All in all it is about stopping barking dogs,

Lets Look at the first of the packages that they have provided for you

Dog Silencer Multi Pack 

Cost for the Item varies

In Australia the items is $ 163.61 AUD for the pack


In the USA  it is  $114.95 USD for the pack


As stated above the pack includes Two Dog Silencers and two remotes along with the ac pack

This allows you to place the items both inside and outside the property to gain better coverage to cover more of the area around you to stop the barking.  Remember you will have your own Remote for both. This a great package as previously mentioned for a family that is just starting down the path of training their dogs to stop barking especially at a younger age.

Just be aware the some reduction in the volumes will be needed for small dogs and puppies.

from Bark Collars & Stopping the Barking http://ift.tt/2yY9Pb6


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